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Product Innovation Made Simple

Product Marketing Made Simple

I sometimes wonder why we make life so complicated!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that product innovation is hard, complicated and expensive. To be honest, it can sometimes be hard, complicated and expensive… But, that has more to do with faulty thinking followed by faulty actions.

Large corporates seem the most stuck though and I can understand why. With departments siloes, departmental targets, individual targets all getting in the way of pragmatic and sometimes dramatic outcomes.

I’ll write about some possible solutions to the large corporate question another time.

Because, this brief post is all about smaller, nimbler businesses. By the way, large corporates can be nimble but culture plus command and control structures and processes often get in the way.

Onwards and Upwards

As you may have gathered, we are focused on people and organisations who have or want to have Amazon as one of their channels.

Why Amazon, you may ask?

Because, my wife understands its operations very well, she learned much from helping other organisations with their Amazon business operations.

And secondly because I helped to reverse engineer marketing strategies learned from some very successful Amazon businesses.

These models, strategies and operations can then be utilised for others who want to create and build excellent products and sell and market them through Amazon.

One of the best ways of improving a product’s design is by listening to the feedback from the people who actually use them, the customers.  However, sometimes it’s not always easy to find out exactly what your customers experience has been.  Many customers may happily suggest improvements to products which can often be quite simple but would overall improve the product performance and user experience.

Encouraging your customer to provide feedback on the product they have purchased is a great way to gain an insight to these suggestions and experiences.  There are several ways you can obtain feedback from your customers.

  • Email/feedback forms
  • Surveys – There are tools available to assist with setting up a survey.  Survey Monkey features a number of product survey options to assist with this: Source
  • Social Media
  • Usability Tests
  • Quantitative research

I also happen to use some pretty nifty little tricks to grab product feedback in bulk and extract relevant information which then goes through a process of deep understanding and discovery.

Once this has been completed we come up with ideas and innovative tweaks which should help to do one of the following;

  • Improve customer experience (so they want to buy again).
  • Change and improve marketing material (this might include packaging, copy writing, support and so on).
  • Increase conversions on Amazon and other e-commerce sites (this can sometimes be as easy as changing images).

Could this be applied to new products?

Yes, is my quick answer but I think the trick is to create a product but only produce a very limited number. You can test the market to see if your new idea/product sells as you’d hoped.

There’s obviously more to getting your product manufactured and some manufactures won’t want to do a small run but I tend to find there are a few who are open to suggestions and negotiations.

About the Author Steve

A Tennis playing father of two. The two in question are at an age where everything they do is correct and anything I suggest is stupid! Luckily business is a tad easier... Once I start to understand the challenges and the hoped for vision, I can usually plot a way forward. Understanding and Discovery are my two watch words.

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