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Using an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate to Render an X-Wing Fighter


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We’ve saved Spencer Nugent’s most ID-licious Star Wars illustration for last. Here Nugent shows you not only how to sketch up an X-Wing Fighter, but also how to render it in color—all done on the iPad Pro, using an Apple Pencil and the sexy Procreate program.

In Part 1 we see some of Procreate’s tricks, from perspective assist to quickly fade-able layer opacity and how it handles palm rejection. On the drawing front, Nugent demonstrates using line weight to emphasize directionality/motion in a vehicle and offers some of his signature tips, all while using the custom digital brush he’s created (The “Spencil!”).

In Part 2 we get a look at some of Procreate’s brushes and
the magic of digital: A variety of layer tricks, the back-and-forth dance
between them and a fast, cheater-y way to pull in backgrounds. On the rendering
front Nugent goes from roughing out the values to adding the all-important
color and highlights, then pulls the original linework back in to add some

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