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How to Innovate Faster

Innovation is a key strategy and some companies struggle to implement it effectively. From where, I’m sitting, there’s nothing hard or tricky about innovation provided it’s done the right way.

Do it right and enjoy the outcomes. Do it wrong and suffer the consequences. I’ve gathered together a few pointers which you may find helpful. challenges facing business leader today have never been tougher — and at the heart of most of them is digital disruption.

What’s driving all of this? Disruption: the force that can change all organisations, how they interact with customers and employees, the products and services they provide, and potentially, even, their core business model. term “Fuzzy Front-End” (FFE) has been established for the early stage of innovation which determines the innovation effectiveness and hence ultimately innovation success. We wanted to better understand where leading firms are setting their priorities in the FFE currently and where they see things going in the future. To answer this, we conducted a study. You will find the background of the study in part 1 and the main findings below.

 Found some interesting information on speedy innovation from a few other websites which I hope you’ll like. of the most common complaints senior executives have about disruptive innovation is its seemingly snail-like pace. How is it, they wonder, that it takes us forever to pursue ideas that promise to create new markets when the world seems to be innovating at a dizzying pace? Source

 The UK’s NHS is the kind of organisation which should thrive on innovation but doesn’t for a number of reasons. the system for innovating in the NHS is more fragmented since the controversial reorganisation took effect in April 2013. Source


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