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Learn Scrivener Fast – Customer Experience Written Report

I’ve done two version of this report, this is the written/text version. If you prefer you can watch and listen to a video report instead which is available here; Learn Scrivener Fast Video Report.

As someone who is pretty passionate about delivering a great customer experience I’m creating examples and analysis of the good, the bad and the occasionally ugly side of customer experience.

It simply amazes me that organisations can make what appears to be great offers and then fall down on delivering a wonderful customer experience.

Whilst customer experience covers a fairly wide number of distinct elements I want to focus on the amount of effort required to get some kind of optimum result. An optimum result could be as simple as getting a product or service to work as described and expected.

Today I’m going to talk about AppSumo and LearnScrivenerFast.

Please understand I’m not here to trash anyone’s business, I’ll report the facts as I experience them and leave you to draw your own conclusions.

appsumo_learnscrivenerfastI came across LearnScrivenerFast via an organisation called AppSumo. They offered it as a free promotion. The normal price is  $127 and I thought I would at some time buy Scrivener to help me write a couple of books.

Signing up to LearnScrivenerFast via AppSumo was very straightforward, I redeemed the course and created a login for LearnScrivenerFast. Tested the login was working and stored my username and password for future use.

I checked the course periodically via my login, ready for when I would get serious with Scrivener. I had access up until fairly recently.

Move forward to September 2016, I downloaded Scrivener (which is by the way a cool piece of software for authors) and started to go through the application. I needed some help with a few things and decided to log into LearnScrivenerFast.

This time, I was presented with a screen which said “Invalid Account”.learn_scrivener_fast

No worries I thought as I could contact support and find out what has happened and get my account set up again.

I waited a few days but got no response and I then posted another follow up request.

About the same time, I contacted AppSumo and got a response from them with around 24 hours. To be fair to AppSumo my main problem wasn’t really with them. Having said that I do feel as though they have some responsibility to ensure offers are made fairly and with reputable organisations. There’s always a danger that their reputation could become tarnished if their partners fail to deliver.

Since I hadn’t had any response via the LearnScrivenerFast support I decided to take another tack and  this is where it starts getting a bit odd.

I went to the main offer page for LearnScrivenerFast and signed up to see what would happen.

First thing I got was an email from the owner, someone who is called Joseph Michael. Since I now had his personal email address I used that and sent him an email asking if he could help personally.

So far, I’ve had no replies from him but I am still getting emails sent by him for the re-launch of LearnScrivenerFast. These emails are I suspect being sent via his autoresponder, in fact I’m 100% certain they are sent via an autoresponder for the following reason.

The most recent email says the following;

Hi Steve,
First of all, Wow….as in WOW! The continued response to the free video series finally tapping into the hidden power of Scrivener has been craaazzzzyyyy. So glad you have been enjoying the videos.

I’ve gotten somewhere between 2922848445 and 2922848448 emails asking when enrollment to my Learn Scrivener Fast program opens again and I’ve got good news…


Now, I do believe that his course is incredibly popular but the figure stated above is does seem a tad over the top,

He states “I’ve gotten somewhere between 2922848445 and 2922848448”

That means he’s had 2,922,848,445 people email him.

If I had two billion, nine hundred and twenty two million, eight hundred and forty eight thousand, four hundred and forty five people email me, I would also be a little challenged in responding to any personal emails or support requests.

I would also be one of the richest people in the world and would quickly set up a challenger business to FaceBook, Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Sorry Joseph about the small chuckle on your behalf.

I think though there’s an important lesson here for all of us.

By all means automate your business processes but please make certain you check things through properly first or you may be responsible for causing severe laughing fits.

Ultimately, all I want is access to the course again, I have no doubt you have delivered some great training and I suspect you are probably a nice guy.

If you would like someone to check over your business from a customer experience standpoint please let me know, I’ll be happy to assist.

Many thanks



About the Author Steve

A Tennis playing father of two. The two in question are at an age where everything they do is correct and anything I suggest is stupid! Luckily business is a tad easier... Once I start to understand the challenges and the hoped for vision, I can usually plot a way forward. Understanding and Discovery are my two watch words.

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