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How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

We know that providing a good customer experience is very important to help us keep existing customers, but it’s not always easy to ensure this is happening.  There are things we can do to help us with this.  Finding a way to measure customer satisfaction will assist us in finding out how our customers are feeling about their experience.  Here are some suggestions on how you can go about measuring customer satisfaction. Proven Methods for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

1. Surveys to Measure Overall Satisfaction
2. Objective Measurement Approach For Loyalty
3. Apps for Attributional Satisfaction
4. Measure your Exit and Abandonment Rates With Tracking Tools
5. Net Promoter Score
6. “Things gone wrong”

Here are other common ways you can gather information from customers:

–  Evaluate communication at call centers and help desks.

–  Check out product-return centers.

–  Interview field service reps and technicians.

–  Conduct surveys and send out questionnaires.

–  Hire a third party (consultants, websites).

–  Hold discussions with focus groups.

You can take many different approaches to measure your customers, but the key is to find the critical ones that are important to you and your company so that you can hit the right mark and avoid costly mistakes.

Make changes, based on your research, to the way you do business. Source



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