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Customer Service Improvement Ideas

We know that great customer service leads to happy customers who will want to return again.  Hopefully, these customers will also spread the word about the great customer service they received!  Improving

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Ways to build Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is important to your business.  There are various figures quoted, but it is generally held that the cost of finding new customers is 6-7 times greater than retaining existing

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How to meet Customer Expectations

Meeting customer expectations is key to delivering great customer service.  This is not always easy, and we need to ensure we set and manage our customers’ expectations so that we can deliver to

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How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

We know that providing a good customer experience is very important to help us keep existing customers, but it’s not always easy to ensure this is happening.  There are things we can do to help

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Customer Retention – Social Media and Data Security

5 ways to use social media to aid customer retention We often think of using social media to find new customers but it is also a great tool to help us keep existing customers coming back. Here are some

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A Great Customer Experience

It was around a year ago that we found ourselves in Bath, Somerset. Visiting a shop our daughter had requested called Build a Bear. You can find their shops and stores listed here; Source The experience

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