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Olivetti’s Former Design Consultant Mario Bellini Reenters the Spotlight

Source Your news and connections gathered from around the web. “I

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Amazon Leads $23M Investment In India-Based Home Services Startup Housejoy

Source Your news and connections gathered from around the web.  Amazon has led a $23 million investment in India-based Housejoy, a

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Product Innovation Made Simple

I sometimes wonder why we make life so complicated! You’d be forgiven for thinking that product innovation is hard, complicated and expensive. To be honest, it can sometimes be hard, complicated and

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A Great Customer Experience

It was around a year ago that we found ourselves in Bath, Somerset. Visiting a shop our daughter had requested called Build a Bear. You can find their shops and stores listed here; Source The experience

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How to Increase Seller Feedback Ratings from Customers

If you are a new seller, it can take a while to start getting seller feedback ratings from buyers.  The average reported feedback level is around 10-20% of orders, so it can take some time to build up

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Amazon Partnership

Are You Getting the Most From Your Amazon Channel? This is aimed at people who own or would like to own an Amazon store in the UK. If you have built an Amazon channel through Amazon's seller system

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Have you ever wondered what an innovator looks like?

When I was an employee I used to wonder why the people I worked with seemed unable to see what to me was quite obvious. Back in my early twenty’s I had this quite naive idea that if things were obvious

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Who is Steve and Customer Touchstone? Rather than do the usual about us page, I’ve created a simple graphic which extols what yours truly is all about. As individuals we all hold certain beliefs and

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