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How to Increase Seller Feedback Ratings from Customers

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If you are a new seller, it can take a while to start getting seller feedback ratings from buyers.  The average reported feedback level is around 10-20% of orders, so it can take some time to build up feedback.

Buyers may be more inclined to leave negative feedback following a poor experience than positive feedback if everything goes well.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to actively encourage (hopefully) positive feedback to counteract any negative comments.

Amazon send buyers reminders for feedback but you can also contact a buyer through the buyer-seller messaging service to ask them to leave feedback.  If you go into the Manage Orders screen located under the Orders tab, click on an order to go to the Order Details screen, you can contact the buyer by clicking on their name in Blue.  In the subject box click Feedback Request, you can then fill in your own message and request the buyer to leave you feedback.

There are ways of automating this process using software such as FeedbackFive or Feedback Genius.  Amazon advise sending only one request to each buyer as they also receive a notification from Amazon to do this.  Also be careful on the timing of the feedback request, allow enough time for the order to be delivered before asking for feedback.  If the buyer is still waiting for their item, they may not be too happy to receive a feedback request before it’s even arrived.

Another option to consider is including a card requesting feedback with the product.  If your items are Fulfilled by Merchant, you can include a card in the package you send out explaining how the customer can leave feedback.  If you use Fulfilment by Amazon, you may be able to include this with the product if you are the only seller of the particular item.

If you actively pursue buyer feedback you should start to see your feedback volumes increase.

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