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Archive Monthly Archives: November 2016

Are Your Employees Disengaged

Do you believe your employees areĀ engaged? If you do, I wonder whether your perception about your employees is slightly at odds with the reality? Based on my own research, people, and that would include

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Your Customers Experience and the Ten Principles

Towards the bottom of this article you will find the 10 Principle to focus on for great customer experience. Don’t Pay Attention to Your Customer Experience! And observe what happens as your business

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Analyse Your Current Business Circumstances

Let’s assume you have a business vision and some sort of goal or outcome for your organisation. What else do you need before moving forward with your project action plan? Your Current Situation I

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Creating Your Business Vision

This article about creating your business vision is a summary only. Some things need to be expanded and will be expanded over time. My hope is that you will learn something which you could start to apply

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