Customer Touchstone
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Archive Monthly Archives: June 2016

Why Customer Experience Principles?

Principle – Reflect the Customers Identity Personal values and beliefs create a self-image. How we see ourselves in our world has a huge impact on our buying decisions. We buy products and services which

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Customers and Customer Experience

Peter Drucker, The Practice of Management said “There is only one valid definition of a business purpose: to create a customer.” I happen to think Mr Drucker was partially correct but would extend

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The Principles of Human Customer Experience

There are a wide range of psychologies involved in the way we experience the world as customers. There are often of course, multiple channels or touch points which will shape our opinions and experiences.

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Customer Experience and Increasing Average Life Time Value

Is it possible to increase the average lifetime value of a customer in such a way that is better for the customer and better for the business? I believe the answer is yes and this isn’t about better

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